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About the Daintree

Where the rainforest meets the reef

Think vibrant lush rainforest, white sand palm-fringed beaches and warm turquoise waters sparkling in the sunshine – that’s the Daintree Coast.

But the Daintree’s not just one of nature’s most spectacular playgrounds, it’s also one of the few places you can truly escape the world, forget the stress and schedules of everyday life and just be.

Around 17,000 hectares between Daintree River and Cape Tribulation is declared National Park and much of the area is also World Heritage listed – celebrating the oldest continuously evolving tropical rainforest on earth at around 135 million years old.  Step into this ancient landscape, and it’s like stepping back in time (but we promise there are no dinosaurs).  You can almost feel the magic seeping into your skin as you explore.

To get to Cape Tribulation, you’ll cross the Daintree River on the only cable ferry in tropical Australia. As you cross the river, it feels like stepping into another world, as you leave behind power lines and all signs of suburbia and take a narrow winding road past ancient ferns, towering giants, exotic fruit farms, cascading streams and crystal clear creeks, with glimpses of the coastline and coral sea beyond.

There are heaps of different ways to explore the Daintree, but we recommend that you start your journey by visiting destinationdaintree.com, the official website of the Daintree Marketing Cooperative which brings together over 80 tourism businesses up in the Daintree.  There’s none that knows this region better!